Our fertile soils

Grands Crus

Grand Cru Altenberg de Bergheim (6)

Grand Cru Kanzlerberg (5)

altenberg kanzlerberg
An exceptional terroir On the outside the medieval town of Bergheim, the vineyard extends along the south side of the hillock Grasberg, steeply sloping at an altitude of 220-320 metres. At the heart of the field of faults in Ribeauvillé, limestone and marls from the Jurassic period overlap and, underneath consists of red calcareous clay soils that are very stony, shallow and rich in fossils. The south-facing exposure, the remoteness of the Vosges front, the steep slope down to the small stream, the Bergenbach, favouring a warm and temperate micro climate, very regular temperatures and humidity. Privileged grape varieties Due to its unity and typicality, the vineyard, with an area of 35.06 ha favours Gewurztraminer and Riesling. Remembered by the connoisseur… Proud of the Bergheim vineyards, Altenberg has been known for its fine wines since the 12th century. Many quotes in the town records highlight its exceptional viticulture qualities. Typical qualities The perfect combination between a full and powerful body, a delicate and subtle aromatic expression distinguish the Altenberg grands crus, excellent gastronomic wines. An exceptional terroir Just outside the town of Bergheim, west of Altenberg, this locality faces south and south-west, on the significant enough slopes of the Kanzlerberg, at an average altitude of 250m. The heavy clay-limestone soil is composed of grey and black gypsum marl from Keuper Muschelkalk limestone at the base. Privileged grape varieties Over 3,23ha of this vineyard, the Pinot Gris and Gewurztraminer and particularly the Riesling enjoy ideal conditions for great typicity. Remembered by the connoisseur… In 1312, when the Order of Malta disappeared, who had an estate here, the growing of vines on this hill was already mentioned. Proof of its exceptional quality, it was the subject of a separate vinification. Typical qualities The Grands Crus Kanzlerberg require an environment conducive to their ageing power and magnitude, which evokes the union of a heavy soil and flavours of the grape.

Lieux-Dits (Named-Places)

Lieu-dit Rotenberg (Gewurztraminer)(1) Limestone ground, facing eastward, erected on the south and the plain giving fine and very elegant wines. Lieu-dit Burg (Riesling) (3) South-east facing locality producing wine with strength based on its beautiful acidity.
Lieu-dit Saint Georges (Pinot Gris) (2) Marl soils with rare intercalated limestone. North-east facing with a protected location in the valley, each year this locality produces a complex and structured fine wine. Lieu-dit Schofweg (Pinot Gris) (4) An exceptional terroir, a thin limestone area perched above the plain, the last extension of the Altenerg looking east. A lieu-dit drained by the wind from the north in summer.