Our Values


“The essence of our wines stems from the close relationship between grape variety, terroir and climate.”

We have been producing quality wines with unwavering regularity year after year. We seek the following characteristics in each of our cuvées.

  • Balance between acidity, sweetness and alcohol
  • Drinkability, with a focus on freshness and elegance; avoiding heaviness at all costs
  • Purity, our wines are focused and clean, without any artificial additions
  • Personality, each cuvée is unique and reflects its terroir, its grape variety and the vintage to the best of its ability

In addition to making wine from our own vines, we carefully select the producers with whom we work using strict criteria. We only work with producers in the commune of Bergheim and its surrounding areas and we are uncompromising when it comes to the quality of their grapes. We have built relationships of trust and work closely together. These close bonds have been formed over a great number of years – in some cases over several generations. For our customers, this is an extra guarantee of quality.

As a further endorsement to our commitment to quality, our wines are regularly mentioned in the French and International press.

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Deeply committed to environmental protection, in 2009 we started the process of conversion of all our owned vineyard property (33 hectares) to organic viticulture.

Since the 2012 vintage, our vineyards have been tested and certified as organic by Ecocert, which guarantees our production methods.

We converted to organic viticulture because we wish to:

  • Respect our soils and terroirs
    The soil is living and the micro-organisms that live within it transform the minerals to make them easily assimilated by the vine. We focus all our efforts on maintaining and stimulating life in our soils. Only a soil that is living can transmit the character of terroir to a vine.
  • Protect our environment and ecosystem
    Fertilisations are made with natural, insoluble soil enrichers and herbicides are forbidden (we plough the soils mechanically and manually instead). The only authorised treatments are products made from simple mineral salts, plant extracts or homoeopathic preparations.
  • Respect the health of our consumers and our employees
    Our cultivation methods and controlled yields produce nicely concentrated, well-balanced products, free from pesticide residues.
  • Respect our natural resources
    The heritage handed down to us by our forefathers is priceless and we want to be able to offer the same gift to our children by leaving them healthy, vigorous soils, capable of producing fine wines for centuries to come.

The Winery


Maison Lorentz is first and foremost a team of 35 people, passionate about their work.

From the technical teams in the vineyards or winery, to the sales and administrative teams, we are all fully invested in our mission to produce top quality wines typical of their terroir, grape variety and vintage. We are proud to share them and to sell them all over France and the world.

Our vineyard manager works tirelessly with his team to ensure the good health of the vineyards, tending to the plants over the course of their development in order to harvest the healthiest, highest quality grapes every year.

Our full-time winemaker, after 30 vintages in our estate, takes over from the moment the grapes arrive in the cellar and works hand-in-glove with Georges Lorentz to bring out the best of every plot of vines.

Our sales, administrative and logistic teams strive to fulfil the demands of our French and international customers, supporting our development.


To support our company’s age-old savoir-faire, our cellar and press rooms are fitted with state-of-the-art technology and a modern infrastructure, entirely updated a few years ago. These new tools enable us to work with each variety, each vintage, each style and each appellation with the utmost precision and with respect for:

  • The Grape: whole grapes in pneumatic presses
  • The must: clarification by sedimentation – a natural method to remove any impurities before fermentation
  • The Chemistry of the alcoholic fermentation: gently controlled thanks to thermoregulation
  • The Wine: clarification through gentle filtering so we don’t damage the constituents of the wine
  • The product: we choose the packaging that is most suited to our wine to ensure it is preserved or develops as it should
  • Time: we allow our finest wines to rest in the cellar for a minimum of 5 years before releasing them for sale so we can offer wines that are ready to drink



Out of the 1,6 million bottles we produce each year, around 50% are destined for export. Today, we ship to about 60 countries around the world, from northern Europe to Vietnam, Myanmar and even Vanuatu.

Our full-time export manager helps the importers to build the Gustave Lorentz brand in their markets and to establish partnerships in new sales regions.
If you would like to know more about our international distribution, you can view our distributor list here or send us an e-mail.


At Gustave Lorentz, we believe that wine is inseparable from food and, as the author, Alexandre Dumas once said, “Wine is the intellectual part of a meal while meat is the material”.

For this reason, Maison Gustave Lorentz is very well distributed in French restaurants. Our wines are available in a great number of establishments, from traditional brasseries to Michelin-starred restaurants. These restaurants, their owners and their chefs are our best ambassadors and help us to promote the fact that we craft well-balanced, easy-to-drink wines that go well with food.

You can find our full range of wines in a number of high-end restaurants including the two Michelin star Hotel l’Auberge de l’Ill in Illhaeusern, Alsace and the iconic one Michelin star La Tour d’Argent restaurant in Paris. They are also listed with the Lucien Barrière Casino group, the legendary Hôtel Normandy in Deauville, and the famous Maison Kammerzell in Strasbourg.


We have built strong partnerships with several airlines over a number of years, so you are able to enjoy some of our finest cuvées on board, in Business and First Class.

Aer Lingus
Fly Emirates
Qatar Airways
Japan Airlines
Scandinavian Airlines