The Estate

“One can only be a winemaker if they are passionate about it: the harsh natural elements, the limitless work required by the vine and the noble result each year requires passion to drives us.”

Who are we ?

Since 1836 la MAISON GUSTAVE LORENTZ owns a 33ha vineyard in Bergheim including 13.5ha for the Grand Cru Altenberg de Bergheim and 1,5 ha for the Grand Cru Kanzlerberg. 

Since 2012, our estate has been inpsected and certified Organic Agriculture by Ecocert, a guarantee of our production methods.

The Terroirs

A passion for the business drove Charles LORENTZ Father to focus on excellence by developing his vineyard on the ALTENBERG hillside in BERGHEIM.
Historically, the harvests from these hills with exceptional potential are vinified separately. Thus Riesling, Pinot-Gris, Gewurztraminer and other Muscats native to this Altenberg express this region’s unique character from vintage to vintage. The result of this persistent obstinacy was the classification of the vineyard to the rank of Grand Cru in 1983.


The second of the Grands Crus owned, more modest in size, is the KANZLERBERG. A rich heir to a long history linked to the Knights of St John and the Order of the Templar, it allows, on its gypsum marl soil, expression of the complex finesse of the Riesling, and more recently the Pinot Gris.