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Gustave Lorentz 2011 Altenberg de Bergheim Grand Cru Riesling

95 points – Editor’s choice

A touch of luscious peach plays among the ripe lemon notes of the nose. A heady chamomile lift hints at some evolution. The absolutely dry palate is still vividly fresh and has barely begun to unfurl its store of rich aromas. For now the luminous freshness and brightness of pure ripe lemon zest still dominates. Here and there a touch of candle wax, stone and chamomile appears. From the 2011, this has barely begun its journey. A lovely, incisive, intense but elegant wine with a clean refreshing finish. Drink 2017–2030.

Gustave Lorentz 2010 Altenberg de Bergheim Addict 1.23 Grand Cru Riesling

94 points

Something honeyed, something mellow plays on the nose of this lemony Riesling. The palate is bone dry and concentrated, yet there is a creamy richness which lends a sonorous aura to the lemony core. All this stems from fermentation in new wood. The dry finish has a touch of maple syrup and resin. Wonderful and unusual. Drink now through 2035.

Gustave Lorentz 2011 Kanzlerberg Grand Cru Pinot Gris

94 points

The golden hue and ample rich earthy aroma with its juicy hints of autumnal generosity immediately suggest some development. The flavors are evolved on the palate, too. Ripe pear fruit has muted into a rounded mellowness while freshness still pervades this smooth balance. The wine is dry but brings notions of richness and understated power. The finish is dry and wonderfully balanced, still tingling with freshness. Drink until 2030.

Gustave Lorentz 2012 Altenberg de Bergheim Grand Cru Riesling

94 points

A balm-like combination of honey, lemon oil, chamomile tincture and baked apple washes over the senses with just one sniff. This aromatic richness is reprised on the concentrated palate but finds a perfect counterpoint in the resulting dryness. Bright, pure lemon guides and frames with its freshness while the aromas swirl and swish—oh the joy of mature Riesling! The finish is dry with pronounced lemon. Drink through 2028

Gustave Lorentz 2011 Kanzlerberg Grand Cru Riesling

94 points

A rounded nose, almost with a touch of banana, suggests a wonderful mellowness. The palate delivers this in spades, with its creamy, almost emollient texture. Aligned to fresh pure lemon and notions of dried lemon peel this is a wonderfully contrasting, exciting wine. The body is layered and concentrated, the finish is taut, clean, dry and moreish. This simply is what Riesling can do as it matures. Lovely now, it is certain to continue developing. Drink now through 2028.

Gustave Lorentz 2012 Altenberg de Bergheim Grand Cru Gewurztraminer

93 points

The combination of ripest peach and Damask rose on the nose makes for immediate headiness. This continues unabashed on the rounded medium-sweet palate where the residual sweetness makes the peachiness wash over all the senses. This is full-on, rounded, juicy and totally peachy with a sweet finish. With already a number of years in bottle, this is just about hitting its stride. Drink through 2028.

Gustave Lorentz 2012 Kanzlerberg Grand Cru Riesling

93 points

There is a hint of creaminess amidst the dried lemon zest and baked apple on the nose. The palate, despite its dryness and pervasive lemon freshness, also has hints of this creamy mildness which creates a wonderful contrast to the regal bearing of mature Riesling—like a disciplinarian with an indulgent smile. Be charmed and enjoy the wonderfully long lemony dry finish. Drink now through 2028.

Gustave Lorentz 2015 Evidence Riesling

92 points

Lifted hints of chamomile and petrol hint at ripeness of fruit and some maturity. The palate, however, is still fresh as a daisy and does not yet show signs of evolution with its sprightly, ripe lemon notes. This is compact and dry, with a wonderful streak of lemon freshness. Lovely now, it’s sure to continue evolving. Drink now–2025.

Gustave Lorentz 2013 Burg Riesling

92 points

Fresh notes of ripe lemon zest are suffused with hay flower and earth notes. The palate majors on zesty, lively and aromatic citrus: tangerine and Amalfi lemon above all. This is dry and bright, slender and precise, yet never lets go of its earthy touch. The finish is expansive and clean.

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25 Feb. 2019